The challenge of commercial product photography consistant depends on a several variables. The shape, texture, color and size of each product all come into play when it comes to keeping things consistent. Creating a workspace while keeping dust away is an artform on its own.


For years to come...

Our biggest hurdle wasn’t to shoot a one campaign and move on, the challenge was creating a workflow to shoot hundreds of watches over a several years while keeping all our compositions identical.

Each watch in it’s specific colorway and strap variation requires seven different angles. Each of these angles needs to be replicated throughout their entire series. To tackle this, we created physical templates of watch placement, strobe(s) height and power output, as well as tripod height and ball-head angles. A tedious initial setup, but without a physical templates, the task of replication would be impossible.

When the dust settles

A big part of what happens behind the scenes is not the actual lighting setup and shooting. One of the most time consuming parts is the clean up. Within a span of a couple minutes, dust particles from around the room will start to settle around your workspace. With a small subject such as a watch, there are nooks and crevices that will collect debris that are invisible until seen on a monitor.

There are hours of clean up we do in post processing, but believe us when we say that spending an extra 10 minutes of physical cleaning as well as creating a template will save you hours in post.

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